New Blog!

For those of you who actually read, or did read, my blog, I have created a new one! 

I decided to start fresh, a bit of an escape from the negativity, a new leaf turned over. 

It is:

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International Adventures

It’s time for a new adventure!

That’s what I tell myself every week or so. The moment a splash of boredom appears, I say “Peace out, girl scout!”

This time I’m not bouncing to a new city, or even a new state. I’m taking a bigger risk and bouncing to the other side of our home planet, Earth. I’m flying to Japan. Not in the same time zone, or even continent!

Since I generally work with horses for a living (caring for and riding them), I took an opportunity to do so in another country. I was offered a job at an Olympic show jumping stable with all the amenities I could ask for, plus excellent pay!

This will be an incredible opportunity for me to present myself, expand myself, get my name out there in the world! Imagine the doors that will open!

I leave the 19th, bright and early 🙂


Dove Chocolate knows me so well.


It has been a long time since I last let the alphabet create a remix on this white canvas.
I felt a sudden spark of inspiration just now. Well, not so much inspiration but deprivation for the expel of words from my voracious mind. I think I was relying too much on the quick release of Facebook posts instead of taking the time to thoroughly write down my tales.


Sometimes I feel a sting of pain. This sting will radiate into a constant pressure if I ignore it. I hate ignoring it. I just hate it. But sometimes I just have to ignore it because I can’t do anything about it.

But only sometimes. Not all the time.

Do I Really Need A Title For This?

Certain people come into our lives for a reason. Everyone we meet is meant to teach us a lesson or direct us on a different path in life.
I have been so blessed with the hundreds of people I have met on my travels.
Once I reached Kentucky, many opportunities opened up for me. It’s like I entered a completely new world.
People were so open and friendly, showing me around the city and taking care of all my needs.
I met this man from France, who worked at the international business division of the University of Louisville. He was somewhat reserved, but willing to share some wisdom and life advice. I enjoyed staying in his very European decorated flat.
A couple days later, I met a man from the Netherlands. He was here in the US because he had built the world’s first solar powered car, and was sponsored by his university to make one here. Boy was he filled with great stories!

Last night I left the Louisville area.

I made a very spontaneous decision.

I found this man.

He is a billionaire. I kid you not.


He is the nicest person I have ever met. All he wants to do is help people.
Like, how lucky am I to have stumbled upon such a humble soul????

He is all about seeing people be happy and successful in life, and making their dreams come true.

How lucky am I??


This man is willing to fund my dream to travel across the world!

Here It Is, Folks

So it didn’t even cross my mind that you guys have no idea who I am until recently!
I guess I’ll start with the typical, cliché “about me” opening..
My name is Julia, I’m 20 years old and I was born in NY to two young parents. I was raised by my mom most of my life, after my parents divorced. The best years of my life were when it was just my mom and I, moving back and forth between NC and NY.
Anyway, so the first 3 years of my life were spent mostly in NC, but after that I was in NY until I was 19.

I graduated high school. 

After high school, I followed suit and went to college, but only for a year and a semester because….
I had an awakening in September of 2014.
I realized I could do ANYTHING with my life.


Just let that sink in for a moment.


My decision, as you probably already guessed, was to leave college.

I stopped going to classes, focused only on my physical fitness and lived in my campus apartment for about 3 weeks before they caught me.
I got kicked out after that.
THEN… I got an apartment back home with my cousins..
That lasted 2 months before I practically went insane.
Their quirks are nothing I can live with.

Packing up an entire apartment does not take long when you’re in a hurry to get out.


Let me go back in time for a quick second.
I’m an avid horseback rider. I’ve been riding for almost ten years now.


Okay, I’m back.

So anyway, I decided I wanted to work on a horse farm in exchange for room and board, and most importantly, free riding.
I’ve worked at three barns since I left NY.

Of course, I’ve been so graciously given the opportunity to travel the states during this crazy horse business thing I have going on.

It was recently decided, by me of course, that I will turn this into the adventure of a lifetime.

I titled it, “Hitchhiking Across the US.”

And that is exactly what I’m doing.


I cannot imagine a more beautiful moment than that in which I am currently witnessing.

I sit by a window.


The breeze is rustling the simple, off-white piece of cotton used as a curtain.
The sun is illuminating the day in such a fashion that false lights are completely unnecessary.
The birds are chirping joyously, fluttering about, making no sense of themselves.

My guitar reflects the light of the day so beautifully.



What an afternoon!